Chelsea 2 Everton 1 …At least that’s a couple of less games to play next season.


With this victory, Chelsea spoiled David Moyes’ send off and secured the automatic qualification to the Champions League that 3rd place brings.

After all this roller-coaster season has thrown at us,  let’s realize we finished 3 spots higher than last year, and only a couple shy of 2nd place.  A decent piece of Silverware to boot, we were certainly The Premiership’s most successful team in Europe this year.

Rafa Benitez’s tyrannical reign is over, I’m sure no-one is happier than him.

Goodbye and Good Luck.  He will still not get a warm reception at the Bridge when he returns as manager of Stoke next season.  Sad but true.  Fortunately for Toffee Fans,  Bill Kenwright’s advisers at Everton will not entertain Rafa’s masochistic desire to return to manage in the Liverpool area where he still resides.

We won’t have long  to wait before the Special One’s return is made public, mainly because the news wires are full of Carlo Ancelotti’s intention to leave PSG for the soon to be vacated hot seat at the Bernabeu.

I mentioned earlier this season that when the chatter started about a possible Mourinho return, Ronaldo may be the carrot that persuades Roman to roll over and play dead for Jose.  Suddenly that rumour has resurfaced.

It makes perfect sense.  Ronaldo’s loyalty to Manchester Utd would have lessened slightly due to recent events.  Now that it will be David Moyes not his original mentor Ferguson,  who is the direct reporting line.  He will not feel the same magnetic pull to Old Trafford.  Also maybe he, and his BFF Wayne Rooney are plotting a double move to Chelsea.

The Portuguese winger and Portuguese Manager, his new mentor,  will be able to hold hands walking down the King’s Road without feeling guilty. They can window shop and generally camp it up like the Fashionista’s they undoubtedly are.

Ronaldo (or his agents) will see the opportunity to become the next Beckham (now that he has also gone) as a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Anyway he looks better in Blue!…..

Roman would like nothing more for the development of  his brand.   Our Anuus Horribilis  robbed our owner of his chance to wallow in the CL success of last year and he is in the mood to get the blank cheque out.   Pretty Please!

Super Frank playing MC with the mic after the game was the day’s high point.   It is clear he is now the Senior representative of all things Blue, this will provide another nudge to JT in seeking the greener pastures of Turkeyland.

Best wishes to loyal servant Paulo Ferreira as he says goodbye after many years of loyal service.  Maybe part of Jose’s backroom staff methinks.

I actually only saw the goals from Today’s game at the Bridge.  Having got back from the morning round of golf,  I decided to watch the Tottenham Arsenal scenario pan out.  So suffice to say, Mata rounded off a great season and Fernando continues to see improvement during his rehab.

Gareth Bale will almost certainly depart the Lane, which no-one can argue isn’t  in the best interests of his future career.

Tottenham are at least 4 players short of a top side and they will be able to fill those spaces with the booty the “Bale -Sale”  will bring in.

Arsene Wenger will be breaking the piggy bank for all the lose change he can find and sign another couple of sub-par Frenchmen from Ligue Deux.  Unless of course the board bites the bullet and let’s the Russian in.

I am sad that this season is over, although it was one of the more painful to endure in recent history.

I am already salivating at the prospect of the 2013/14 season now that all the Big Three will have new managers and all that that will bring.

Chelsea and Man.City will be in my back yard (Yankee Stadium) next weekend, the mathematicians are already working out how to turn a Diamond into a Rectangle…….. We all know it doesn’t work.  They would have been much better off by having it at Red Bull Stadium, at least real fans would have been able to enjoy themselves.

Time to get the handicap down.   Enjoy the break, although I’m sure we will have a number of important talking points during the next few months.  Looking forward to keeping up with the headlines.

















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