Chelsea First team for the upcoming 2013/14 EPL season….Only one new signing required.

As we know come the end of the season, all thoughts quickly move to the next.

We are currently waiting for confirmation that the Special One will be leading us into the 2013/14 campaign. Rafa is a distant memory having departed for Italy.  He is already having lessons in how to serve Spag  Bol without getting it down the front of his shirt.

As is normal with a change in management, the players also face an uncertain future.  The incoming coach will have different favorites and therefore all bets from last season are now off….. although as you will see,  Jose may well be advised not to make any sweeping changes at the beginning.  We have a tremendous squad, and created a solid base for the coming season.

May I be so  humble as to suggest to Jose my opinion as to the team I’d like to see take the field in August.

Assuming that Super Frank has been kept on to help the team transition,  he will probably be named CLUB CAPTAIN .  I have opted to play DAVID LUIZ in his position as I think the Brazilian should be VICE CAPTAIN and will play more games than Frank.





The Special One’s second coming will be accompanied by all and sundry trying to second guess him.  It will be a difficult period for him.  His mistakes, and he will make them, will see an unforgiving UK press out in force.  All that said, hopefully the deal gets done.   It will be a different tenure to his first.   I have already read the doubters opinions, they seem to be trying to jog our memories of his dull, defensive teams of the past.   These people have obviously not watched Real Madrid in the last couple of seasons.  The Champions League is a knockout competition and a single match can end your participation.  This is what happened.  Generally they played with flair and steel, the perfect combination.

I think this will be how he and more importantly Roman wants the Blues to be seen…… There will be a pre-nup drawn up to this effect in his contract!!!!   He has the ability to control big ego’s (save his own) and will have learnt a lot from his last season at Real.  I don’t expect an Iker Casillas-like situation to happen at the Bridge next season.


Anyway onto the team.




petr cech saves

No change here.  Hope I’m saying that for many years to come.  He was back to his best last season, although I would like to see him relieved of any leadership duties so he can concentrate on keeping more clean sheets than Freddie Starr’s housemaid.


Back Line.


ashley cole


Still the best left back in the Premmy. Although the uber-fit Englishman had a rare injured interrupted season, I expect him to be back to full fitness after a nice break on Roman’s yacht.  Leighton Baines and Luke Shaw will have to wait a while longer to claim his belt.


gary cahill

This 27 year old Englishman,  a.k.a  JT Mark II, matured immensely this season.  He is the “steady” Yin to David Luiz’s “adventurous” Yang.  I expect he will make the center- back position his own in 2014.  He is also a candidate for Club Captain in the 2014/15 Season when Super Frank departs.


ivanovich 2


The hard-as-nails Serbian had yet another great season.  He came up trumps when required, even if he did have the odd lapse of concentration (Swansea being the obvious.)  His critics say he can be a little lazy at times, although now being a senior member of the squad I feel sure he will respond to his additional responsibilities.   Also Jose will make sure he gets the most out of him.  I also think he deserves credit for his professionalism during the Suarez biting episode.  He could have easily made a mountain out of the molehill,  instead he is the main reason that thankfully Suarez will be staying in the EPL.  He will be required to switch to the Right back spot when the team considers a draw a good result! David Luis being his deputy in the middle.




The young Spaniard proved to be an inspired signing last summer.  He quickly adapted to the pace of the premier league and is a great addition to Chelsea’s counter attacking arsenal.  He may be swapped out by Ivanovich when defensive strategies are required, but think he will become more of a permanent fixture in the coming campaign as the Blues adopt a more “Carefree” style.




luiz no hair


The Brazilian had a superb second season at the Bridge.  He showed his versatility when he was pushed into the midfield role mid-season.  Finding himself further up the pitch he now adds the  “Geezer Thunderbolt”  to the Chelsea armory on occasions other than free-kicks. His distribution is improving rapidly, he also gives us another feather in the bow, we can if needed play a long-ball game. I strongly believe he should be considered for future club Captain and giving him a vice captains role for the 2013/14 season would be the perfect segue.  I think he is the type of person that responds well to being given additional responsibility.  He is also a perfect fit in terms of how Roman sees Chelsea’s future branding.  Adventurous, creative and Brazilian to boot!…..  with the World Cup next year in his home country his stock will rise, we must repel with vigor any interest from the Catalans!



The second of our defensive minded Brazilian midfielders also saw a season of significant improvement.  I find it hard to believe that some of our fans are still yet to be convinced.  The man is a machine.  He is probably the fittest footballer I have ever seen.  The opposition consider him “dirty”, a testament to his ability in breaking up play in the middle of the park. He is also the pendulum which swings defense into attack for the Blues.  He looked out of place when played out on the wing by Rafa on occasion and must be played in the holding midfield role. The combination of David Luiz and Ramires will set the firm foundation for our attacking triumvirate to ply their wares.


Total age  (25, 21,22) is about as old as John Terry’s first pair of boots!!  What a great prospect for the future these 3 are.



juan mata2


Chelsea’s player of the year for 2013 is a true professional and a better advert for the game you will not find.  He is adored by his Teammates, Fans  (both home and opposition) and also any pundit who’s opinion matters.  As the current Barcelona Team’s sun is setting, our Matador’s is bringing in the new dawn.  He will be a major fixture in the Spanish World Cup squad as they attempt to defend their title next year. Enough said.




The 21 year old had a great first season in the Premiership. Don’t be fooled by his ” Billy Elliot like” appearance.  He fights well above his weight and will only get stronger.  I expect he will be one of the “most-improved” of the coming campaign as he enters his second year at the club. His defensive capabilities make him very important to the Triumvirate,  Moses loses out in this category.  The Blues may want to get more goals from this Brazilian, we had a teaser in this regard last season. Given the chance he will oblige.



The 22 year old Belgian hit the ground running in the season just ended.   His turn of pace and ability to change direction on a sixpence are rivaled only by Sergio Aguero. His first season was slightly blighted by a hamstring injury and the Ball Boy incident, but otherwise we could not have wished for more from him. He will also be integral to Belgium’s World Cup plans. He is another example of Roman’s vision for the future. He needs to get a little fitter for the coming campaign, he did noticeably tire late on in games.   May I request he removes the Bum-Fluff Garden Gnome beard he sports in favor of a more aerodynamic look, that may help.



ronaldo cfc



Wishful thinking I hear you say.  The center forward position was the one problematic part of last years squad.  Neither Fernando Torres nor Demba Ba could do justice to the rest of the team.  I do not believe that either of them lacked the required service, it was just that the were not quite good enough.

Sir Alex Ferguson won his 13th Premiership Title because he acknowledged that neither Rooney nor Hernandez could cut the mustard in that position, so he signed RVP.   A bold move indeed which has resulted in Rooney wanting out!!!…….. Chelsea are confronted with the same scenario as SAF this coming season.

Too many great moves broke down once the triumvirate let our number 9 get the ball.  If I had to chose one or the other I’d go for Ba as I think he can hold the ball better in the long-ball game.

But as you can see I recommend a different solution!……  It will break all the record books, if we managed to sign Ronaldo.  But I think Roman is in the mood to get his ” Loads-a-money” title back from the would-be’s at the Ethiad.

I strongly believe that Abramovich has agreed to Jose’s return on the basis he brings his fellow Portuguese with him.  He may well be the new Club Captain if this happened.

Also following the Manchester City/Yankees tie up for New York City F.C week,  a bold move by Abramovich to sign Ronaldo may allow  Beckham to switch allegiance along with the Portuguese  and join CFC’s U.S plans rather than his former teams,  Man.Utd or Real Madrid.

This would open up the possibility of Chelsea, Beckham and the Miami Heat (LeBron) to form Miami F.C as a new MLS franchise.


Already salivating for next season!!!






2 thoughts on “Chelsea First team for the upcoming 2013/14 EPL season….Only one new signing required.

    • Mikel may get second chance as Mourinho signed him originally. There is no doubting his holding midfield qualities, although he needs to improve his passing game to fit the quicker tempo of the Blues these days. He could play with Ramires and have Luiz move back to the defense.
      Moses will have to play second fiddle to the triumverate of Mata, Oscar and Hazard. Also Moses’s form took a dip at the tail end of the season and he is not a first choice in the current squad.


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