Everton 3 Chelsea 1 … Stoned!.

Chelsea’s nightmare opening to the season continues. Another sloppy defensive performance sees the Blues relinquishing their title far too easily.

Mourinho tinkered again to try and find a winning formula, but to me it doesn’t feel like our best 11 was on the pitch. Any team that needs Jon Obi -Mikel to come in try and stop the rot, has bigger problems that they thought.

I still feel Oscar is the piece to the puzzle, and hopefully he returns for our midweek Champions League game. It is that competition that is now most important as our chances of retaining the Domestic League look remote.

The defense is understandably attracting the most criticism, having let in more goals in the first few games than Arsene Wenger has puffer jackets.

JT’s legs are showing their age, it happens to best of us. The only way he was going to beat Lukaku to the ball would be if the Belgian Beast was to have been restricted to “pigeon steps only!”.

Ivanovich, who looked a little better coming forward today, still keeps allowing the opposition into way to many dangerous areas.  Im sure Roberto Martinez took about a millisecond to decide which side of the park to try and exploit.

Although it took current European Player of the year, and Balloon D’Ork winner, Steven “Neysmith” to break the deadlock and score an eventual hat-trick,…… yeah right!..

Actually, its OUR forward line that should take the brunt of today’s bollocking . The biggest problem at the moment is that we are not keeping the opposition busy in their own half. Costa continues to rarely get in scoring position, and failing miserably when he is. He needs to concentrate on his art not and not hitting the self destruct button by being drawn into or creating a scrap with his assigned defender.

Hazard, still has the best first touch and swivel in the league and i’ll blame the others for not showing themselves properly when he’s looking to carve the other team open in and around the penalty box.

Pedro seems to be fitting in well and certainly looks a great footballer, but will take some time to get accustomed to new teammates and a new league.

Cesc, the provider, is still on holiday somewhere in the Med. The only slicing through and parting that he’s done this season involves his new hair do!

Not a pretty picture.  So what do we do?

Firstly , Ivanovic must be dropped.  I would follow that by going back to Terry and Cahill in the centre.

Cesc can have a couple of extra games probation, to see if the returning Oscar can provide a target for him. We should leave Matic in place too, he had a much better game today. So Oscar, Hazard and Willian should form the 3 in front of the midfield.

If there is a change up front, I would give Remy another go. At least he seems to put the ball in the back of the net on a regular basis, as opposed to Falcao ,  who is still on the rebound from a disastrous spell at Old Trafford.

Ironically, we came to Goodison Park so soon after the John Sones saga ended. Stones looked every part a Chelsea player today, other than the fact that he was wearing the wrong shade of Blue. “Money can’t buy you Stones” resounded around the ground.

Jose is officially in a rut.  I think he should start smiling and jesting a bit more.  Maybe if he lightened up a bit, his team would feel the pressure ease a little and start to express themselves more freely, without fear of disappointing him further.  Also being a sulky winner is one thing, but no-one likes a sulky loser!!

So in summary, Lets try and field as much of the team that one so much last season as possible. Let’s cheer up a bit, and KTBFFH.





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