Chelsea 2 Arsenal 0 “Costa doing business”.

Jose Mourinho and every Chelsea fan breathed a huge sigh of relief today as the Blues resumed normal service with a home with over the hapless Gunners.

Arsenal ended the game with nine men after both Gabriel and Cazorla were sent for early baths.  Although the manner of Gabriel’s dismissal just before half time certainly saw Costa as the pantomime villain , and we all continue to question his character.

Its one thing being a bulldozing old school centre forward, of which he is quite capable,  but when his main contribution to the game is winding up the opposition in an effort to make them lose their discipline and then doing all he can to convince the referee of their guilt, I’m not sure I want to watch much more of him!. If he doesn’t start to show his footballing ability on a more regular basis I vote for the guillotine in the January window…. enough is enough. I cannot imagine Roman wants to be associated with such poor sportsmanship.

Jose needed a bit of luck to turn our poor early season form around and he got it in the form of the Angel Gabriel, sent from the heavens to rescue the Champions!  Arsene Wenger has every right to complain about the fact that Costa wasn’t himself sent off for various unseen infractions, although Gabriel deserved his straight red,  for complete stupidity if nothing else. The game was effectively over from that point.

Jose shook hands with Arsene before sand after the game, which was a proper touch and frankly the least they could do to set an example, unfortunately their teams did not follow in their footsteps.

Chelsea looked a much improve side from the one of the last few weeks.  Matic was sharper, Ivanovic was more driven , and even Eden Hazard looked like he was starting to enjoy himself again.

The biggest change, and excuse me for flogging a dead horse, is the return of the Oscar / Cesc show.  Oscar offers Cesc with forward pass option most of the time, which is critical in starting our attacking momentum.  It alleviates the pressure on our defensive midfield, as we spend more time further up the pitch.

Pedro continues to impress, but I’m not willing to cede Willain’s spot to him just yet.  If not absent through injury, I’m sure Willian would have had the starting berth.

Arsenal have had a bad week. Two important games where they have not had a full complement on the pitch for 90 mins. They seem to make their own luck, I think this is what frustrates the Gooner fans.  Wenger not signing a centre forward already seems to be haunting him.  Theo Walcott is just a second-rate Raheem Sterling , and Raheem Sterling is only just the right side of second-rate himself!

I do not understand why OxBow Chamberlain is not in their starting 11.  He is clearly a worthy wearer of the red and white shirt.

Oh, how quickly things change.  A brace of wins in the Champions League and the Premmy sees Chelsea back on solid ground.  Victor Moses, did his “real” club a huge favor today, as West Ham continue to be the bain of last years top six on away turf, and its now City in crisis after back to back home defeats this week!!

I wouldn’t bet against Jose’s rising dynasty retaining the Premier League just yet,  “early season” is exactly that , and we are still in that quartile.




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