West Ham 2 Chelsea 1 “Where were you when we were sh@t !”

It is certainly getting no easier watching our beloved Blues. As Fans we were hoping that the win against the EPL’s whipping boys Aston Villa last weekend, followed by an admirable midweek away draw in the Ukraine, could set the scene for an away win at West Ham. Then we would all be saying Chelsea’s recovery was in full swing.

Instead it feels that we hit new lows today, both by losing again, and more strikingly for our manager continuing his downward spiral by being sent to the stands for yet another attack on authority.This time referee Jon Moss was the victim, verbally abused in the tunnel as he went for his PG Tips.

Jose seems intent on keeping his finger on the self-destruct button until the bomb goes off.  I am beginning to wonder whether Roman may be thinking the fuse is getting too short to extinguish,  I’m sure our owner is still willing to give more time for our play to improve, but is very close to losing his patience with our Special One’s match day behavior. Not to mention his miserable demeanor.

In the end we put up a valiant effort. Down to ten men after losing Matic before half time to a deserved red card for second yellow, we were always going to be up against it.  No one can fault the ten players who we left on the pitch for their efforts.  That’s not the point.

All week Mourinho has talked about a new-found discipline within the squad, which is essential in providing a base to recovery.

Well, going down to ten men for half a match and getting their manager sent to the stands for dissent is hardly a demonstration of improved discipline.

In fact it’s exactly what was not required from Jose.  He needed to stay in the moment, inspire his team with a rousing half time talk, sending them back out to survive being outnumbered with fire in their bellies. Instead he compounds the issue and digs a deeper hole.

This is what I mean by “self destruct”.

All true Fans understand the need to rally behind our team at times like this.  I just wish Jose would give us more reasons to get behind him, instead of reasons to criticize him. I’m sure we will see another lambasting of his actions by the Press and possibly another fine etc from the authorities. Our brand is being battered.

In the past he has been the master of relieving pressure on his players by deflecting attention onto himself, right now he needs to return the favor.  Unless he becomes less outspoken, I cannot see how the team can have the peace to work hard and regain some confidence.

Anyone who has been watching Chelsea this season, can spot that their luck is out.  Even in today’s game we saw a ball that was a hair’s breadth from crossing the line for an opening goal, confirmed by the goal line technology which had to work overtime to make that call. Then the Cinderalla ending of an Andy Carroll winning goal.  The Gods are displeased.

Matic, man of the match against Dynamo, finds himself the villain of the piece 4 days later.  You can’t script this stuff !!

Seeing Jon Obi Mikel appear at halftime always gives me that executioners feeling, and its only a matter of time before we are slain.

I am actually embarrassed by thinking this, a sense of treachery abounds, but here goes.  If Jose doesn’t apologize for his behavior, stop feeling sorry for himself, and start to figure out how to turn this around with a smile on his face, he will be toast by Christmas.

As far as us fans go, lets hope that Roman delivers that warning in private to Jose, and we can cheer the boys onwards and upwards soon.

It will be a great feeling , one of massive relief mixed with some exhilaration, when this finally happens.  I just am not sure the same man will be at the helm when I raise my hands aloft for the first time in way too long.






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