Stoke 1 Chelsea 0.. “The pain subsides after a while”

This will be brief.

Chelsea lost their 7th game of the season today. The worst start by a defending Champion since Diego Costa lookalikes roamed the world.

Its the first time since Roman Abramovic took ownership that he has lost 3 in a row.

Top 6 is now looking statistically at risk as only Aston Villa managed that after this sort of start, many moons ago. That’s good news I guess as we won’t have the Europa Cup to distract us during our quest back to normality.

For all the pain felt over the last couple of months, today was different. We did play better but that’s not what I mean. I think I have become used to watching Chelsea lose. It doesn’t hurt any more. I felt ashamed that I’d have accepted a point from the Britannia, when only a goal down and half the game remaining. That’s the state of the Union.

Unfortunately  I now have 6 months of winter ahead with only meaningless games to watch, no fire in the belly to warm the timbers.  Lets hope our Champions League campaign provides some continued interest or I will be like a mountaineer rescued from an avalanche come April.

There really is very little to say about today’s game.  The traveling fans would have been better off with a Jose like Stadium Ban, it would have saved them the slog up North, followed by a bad taste left in their mouth, which didn’t come from the world-famous Midland’s cuisine. Although one has to respect the bands of CFC followers, they continue to KTBFFH and letting the world and Roman know we are fully behind Mourinho.

Our luck is still out.  Hitting posts, ricocheting balls that always seems to land at the oppositions feet, and non- awarding of penalties, etc..etc…  But we must not forget that luck can return as quickly as it left, but that’s only going to account for a couple of positions a season in the EPL, it will not move us to the top from our current position of propping up the table!

Hazard, Matiic and Terry all had vastly improved performances today. Enough said, we still didn’t win.

We need to score goals and Diego Costa continues to struggle in that department. Boorish has turned to boring, he needs to bagging more or the only people he is winding up are his own supporters and himself. He needs to change or we need a new striker.

Remy could have had a stone cold penalty if he was longer-in-the-tooth.  His naivety probably cost us an equalizer. Once he beat Butland to the ball it should have been “brace, brace” and wait for the oncoming collision.

Fabregas’s cameo of the last ten minutes saw our Spaniard give more away than the Bill Gates Foundation.

Anyway we should pick up a couple of points from upcoming games against Norwich and Bournemouth.

Onwards and sideways.




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