Leicester 2 Chelsea 1 ” He may sack him in the morning, but here is plan B”.

“… and Leicester” became the latest outfit to defeat the Blues, pouring more water onto Jose Mourinho’s embers.

Mourinho rightly fielded an unchanged side from the one that gave the Blues their best performance of the season so far by beating Porto.  Unfortunately to a man, the players looked like shadows of themselves from a week earlier.

The score doesn’t tell half the story.  These Foxes have turned Hunters, fueled by the partisan crowd and the type of confidence that a run like this brings, we were no match for them.  We were out-muscled, out-driven, and most worryingly out-skilled by a team whose front line cost the same as filling up Roman’s yacht!

On top of that they are being led by a former Chelsea Manager whose Stamford Bridge tenure came to an abrupt end when Roman wanted Jose first time round. Oh sweet revenge.

The Leicester attack, Vardy and Mahrez scored two majestic goals, that made even Courtois look ordinary. The hunger displayed by a mixture of ex.non league and Aston Villa rejects was actually wonderful to watch. I hope they win the league, it would be a story for the ages.

We threw the kitchen sink at them after conceding the second goal, by moving to a 1:1:1:1:7 formation. Loic Remy pulled one back but the damage was already done , and we know our luck has gone, so we were going home empty handed.

Having said that, what tonight’s performance does is make Plan B a necessity not an option.

This is Jose’s and now Roman’s biggest problem, our manager looks to have exhausted every possible combination with the current squad…….. ironically he lost tonight against the original Tinkerman , Claudio Ranieri !!!!

Jose has now officially lost the dressing room too. Using the word “betrayed” in his post match conference has seen to that.   Hazard limped off disinterested in putting his body and soul on the line for anyone. I’m sure he is not the only one who has had enough…… that’s not saying his actions were in any way excusable but just stating what appears to be the obvious.

So either Roman fires Jose or gives him a  blank checkbook in January to escape relegation and hopefully progress past PSG in the round of 16. Maybe Ibrahimovic will be wearing a Chelsea shirt by then!

Has an owner ever sided with the manager of a dressing room revolt before? I cannot think of an example.  But there is a first time for everything.

Don’t shoot the messenger but maybe it was Jose who returned for the 15/16 season with the most complacency of all, after winning the league by such an easy margin, he turned all his ambitions and outsized ego to being the first manager to win the CL with 3 different clubs. He probably mentally settled for top 4 before the season started as a sacrifice to win the Champions League…whoops, big mistake.

Having said that, as unheard of as it might be,  I think backing Mourinho with a clear out of the squad in January is the best option… and more importantly, the most fun to watch!!!

Professional footballers are paid exorbitant salaries for a reason, sometimes it is danger money!!….

Roman would be seriously breaking into the war chest but that’s what it’s there for.

JT is taking his bow, Ivanovich is broken, Cesc is unfit, Hazard-enough said, and Diego needs to find a bar to brawl in.  Oscar, Matic, and Ramires may become collateral damage as they look so completely bemused.  Its only Willian, Courtois and Azpilicueta that I feel really sorry for.

Jose should “give youth a chance” till then, picking as many players with double-barreled surnames as are at his disposal. Hopefully home games against Sunderland and Watford shouldnt qualify as “baptism of fire” type games!!!

and lets change the back room, they are not giving me that warm and tingly feeling any more…..  get Didier on the sidelines, he’d soon kick some common sense into the remaining few!

Either that or Jose gets “sacked in the morning”.  🙂




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