Champions Elect (written last week before Palace loss, but still applies!!)

Champions elect.

I wrote this piece last week , but due to travel schedule did manage to post it until today  24 hrs after we lost to Palace and Spurs narrowed the gap to 7 points ……..  I’ll stick by my prediction that we win the CHAMPIONSHIP comfortably!….  no room for doubters at this stage……. there will be no Fergie “Squeaky bum time!”…..

It may be tempting fate but so what!! After our away win at Stoke I think it’s time for the rest of the also rans to concede defeat.

If we are honest this  Chelsea Championship winning team came  as a huge surprise to even the most optimistic of Blues fans.

The shambolic defence of last years crown left most of us hoping for a best case scenario of the return of Champions League games to the Bridge.

Instead we have witnessed one of the most dominant EPL campaigns ever seen.

And they deserve all the praise that is being heaped on them.

There is not a single weak link in the whole team, and that includes the rotationistas of Fabregas and Willian.

Who would have thought that Victor Moses, a career loanee and Marcos Alonso, a Sunderland reject, could be reincarnated as the best 2 wing backs in the country – yes , Danny Rose and Kyle Walker, back on your perch!! (Btw quick aside, think that Pep will go after the Spurs duo next season as replacements for the not-good-enough-by-a-mile, Sagna and Clichy). Having said that Tottenham are the only other side this year without a weak link. Their team is certainly good enough to win if not for the Blues being near flawless. Their time is coming.

Our 3 at the back, Luiz, Aspi and Captain Cahill, exceeded all expectations.  I’m sure JT has enjoyed seeing his mantle picked up by such capable hands. He has had a front row seat in witnessing the new generation introduced. – perfect transition. He may not have been required on the pitch but his dressing room influence on this very important season was well received I’m sure. I’m betting he lifts the FA cup as the ultimate swan song.

Kante. Nothing to add. If he was in the Olympic Gymnastics competition, he’d get the perfect 10.

Matic.  There is no one in the league that goes about his business of breaking up flowing football with such little fuss as our man in the middle. He is the perfect foil to Cesc’s creative brush.  The “home and away gang”.

Pedro had a full frontal lobotomy during the offseason, combined with some serious hypnotherapy, returning as the Barca player we thought we’d purchased the year before. How much money would have been lost if you’d had a bet that he’d keep Willian out of the Triumverate!!!!!

Costa. Talking of full frontals!!!  His Gatorade gets spiked with M.D.M.A before each game. He loves everyone!!  Mark Clattenberg, was so upset, he had to leave the country, after Diego turned down his advances.

Eden-  well he is about to win his second EPL player of the year!!!  He may also give Neymar a run for the Ballon D’Or or whatever its called. His transition post Mourinho was astonishing. ‘Nuff said !!!

And now for the real architect of this victory. Antonio, Antonio, Antonio!!!!

Conte has won the hearts of Blues fans worldwide with his incredible enthusiasm for the game. His man management was so refreshing, that Jose was firmly forgotten within a season. It’s also Jose’s fault that this happened. No one else to blame but his miserable self.

This season saw us play the best attacking football in our history, yes we now have one!!!

2017 was when Roman’s Empire really started to go global. He finally got the branding of his team right. Professional, Sportsmanlike and exciting to watch. The worlds stage can start to pencil in a new kid on the block to add to the current roster of Man Utd, Liverpool, Real Madrid, Barca, Bayern, Juve and AC Milan, the true great franchises of European football.

The irony being we we didn’t have Europe to deal with this season. Which turned out to be a blessing as Conte had no need to consider rotation when looking for his best team.

We would not have been able to get the level of consistency achieved with midweek football as a distraction.

Also it means the same team will now have the challenge of Champions league expectation to keep them on their toes. Mind you, we know Conte will not be letting any complacency creep in!

Thanks again  to the class of 2017 for a superb effort, meaning that Chelsea are officially the biggest club in England!!!

Could those Liverpool, Arsenal and most recent “livers in the past” Man.Utd fans be quiet and just accept that’s the way it is I’m afraid !!   We have won more Premmys than anyone recently, more FA cups and throw the fact that we are the last English team to win the Champions League in for good measure, I don’t see where the argument against comes from.

Notice Man City didn’t even warrant a mention.

Finally I would like to thank JT, the greatest ever Chelsea player, for his incredible contribution to making the above statement a reality. Wishing him many more years of involvement in the Club when he hangs up his boots in June.















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